360° TOURS

360° TOURS

DOUBLE CLICK the panorama to switch to FULLSCREEN VIEW

DOUBLE CLICK (or double tap) the panorama to switch to FULLSCREEN VIEW.
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Project details


  • CATEGORIES: Mobile, Research
  • ROLE: Low Spec VR
  • CLIENT: Self

Think of 360° Tours as the little sister of real VR experiences. They have become more and more popular in the marketing of real estate and BEAMFORGE’s visual omnichannel strategy wouldn’t be complete without them. NORD/VR now offers 360° tours and panoramas for both, projected and existing estate. 360° Tours are also great to present planned events and pretty much every kind of location you can think of.

The main advantage of 360° Tours and panos over real VR experiences, is in their accessibility via browser, tablet, smartphone etc. On smartphones, the built-in motion sensor (gyroscope) can also be used, to emulate a camera view into the virtual property.

Give it a try: Your phone or tablet will become a window to our 360° panorama! Move your smartphone or tablet to look around the room. If you are viewing the website on a PC or notebook, move the pointer over the view while holding down the left mouse button.