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Partially funded through grants from the German federal states Lower Saxony and Bremen, TIME & HISTORY is a VR documentary series that recreates lost or inaccessible historic places in VR to let people from around the world visit, relive and learn from them.

The first project in this series, Führerbunker VR, is a historically authentic experience about the last days of the Third Reich in Adolf Hitler’s air raid shelter under the Berlin Reich Chancellery.

The discrepancy between Nazi Germany’s propaganda and the reality of its inevitable downfall reveals a lot of the Third Reich’s horror and madness. Experiencing the collapse of the Third Reich via VR from the perspective of its main actors impressively conveys the contrast between the propagated superiority and the ideology’s meager, brutal and hopeless reality.

Cowering in tiny rooms, ten meters below the ground and behind four-meter-thick walls, accompanied by flickering light and constant, dull artillery fire, the bizarre and claustrophobic end-time atmosphere is in focus; with all its human catastrophes in the last days of the Third Reich.

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